Propaganda and International Relations: an Outlook in Wartime


  • Marco Manuel Marsili ISCTE-IUL



Propaganda, War, Public Opinion, International Relations, First Word War, Second World War


The aim of this essay is to highlight the role of propaganda during the conflicts in the contemporary age, particularly during the two World Wars. The propaganda developed during two major conflicts of the ‘900 as a true ‘weapon’ and instrument of government policy in international relations, has perfected the techniques of ‘news management’, and today is a real and relished ‘art’ applied to guide public opinion in favor of government decisions.

Author Biography

Marco Manuel Marsili, ISCTE-IUL

Marco Marsili is a journalist, writer and researcher, and a former professor of journalism at the University of Insubria in Varese. Graduated in Political science and international relations at the Università degli Studi Nicolò Cusano (Unicusano) in Rome with thesis in political philosophy: «Genesis and evolution of freedom of expression in political systems», and in Communication and Society at The Università degii Studi di Milano (Unimi) in Milan with thesis in history (geopolitical): «1989-1994: from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the made in Italy bipolarism», both with maximum grade cum laude (First with distinction/hons), actually is PhD candidate at the doctoral programme in History, Studies of Security and Defense from the School of Sociology and Public Policy (ESPP) of ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon. Electoral observer for OECD/ODIHR, wrote and published 12 books regarding politics, digital media communication and journalism. More infos at




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